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24 Season 8 reviews

Season 8 premiere – Part 2 Review

Wow ! And I thought Part 1 was good ! Part 2 of the season premiere of 24 aired yesterday and it was an exhilarating ride from beginning to end. The story moved so fast I couldn’t get a break for even a second. It was literally action packed and so far the story hasn’t disappointed either. In fact, some storylines were wrapped up sooner than I expected. Take the example of President Hassan’s brother, Farhad. I did not expect that his betrayal of his own brother will be revealed to all so soon in the story. Usually the show takes its time for the central character to find out that someone close to them has been working against them. Examples include President David Palmer finding out about his wife’s involvement in numerous cover-ups and involvement in murders towards the end of the seasons. So this was a surprise. This indicated that the writers have a lot more planned out for the story and considering the pace of yesterday’s episodes, I’m sure this is going to be a roller-coaster ride of a season. This might be the most enjoyable season of 24 yet. The last scene of the second episode yesterday was chilling and at the same time really fun – when Renee chopped off the poor man’s hand I was laughing out of shock ! To think that this was the same character who had qualms about hurting even the most wrong of criminals, who talked about following the law to the hilt, who hated Jack Bauer’s guts for what he’d done to extract truth from dirt-bags ! Renee goes bad, people ! And that made for some pretty cool and fun watching.

Looking forward to the next episode. Next review next week.

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