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Lost – Theory from Season 4

Season 4 – “The Shape of Things to Come”

Just a random thing I noticed yesterday while re-watching Season 4 Episode titled “The Shape of Things to Come”, which btw was a very eventful episode. Towards the end of the episode, in one of  Ben’s  flash-forwards he visits Charles Widmore. The conversation between them was  very interesting. At one point their conversation goes like this –

Charles – ” Are you here to kill me?”

Ben – “You know very well I can’t do that.”

→ Sounds familiar? For some reason (a rule?) Ben and Charles can’t kill each other, in much the same way that anti-Jacob cannot kill Jacob and needs a loophole in order to do so. I’m guessing that the same “rules” apply to both couples. What are these rules?

According to Ben, Charles changed the “rules” when he killed his daughter. So what they can kill all the other people on the island, but not each other and their families? That doesn’t sound right.

If Ben and Charles are followers of either Jacob or anti-Jacob, I cannot decide which one of them follows whom? One of them is the good side and the other is the bad one, but which is which? Ben has said on a number of occasions – “We are the good guys”. But are they? Since in the same conversation between Ben and Charles, Charles says – “Everything you have, you have taken from me” and “You very well know that island is mine”. Moreover, in the Season 5 finale, Ilana (who I guess is working for Charles) is pro-Jacob. So is Charles on Jacob’s side? Which would mean that Ben is anti-Jacob. Now I also believe that the smoke monster is working for anti-Jacob. And Ben calls the smoke monster to kill the people from Widmore’s boat (the guys who killed Alex) – which also proves that Ben is on anti-Jacob’s side. Does that make sense?

But I really want to know what the “rules” are and who made them in the first place?

I also think that Claire might have died when her house exploded. To prove this –

  1. How can anyone survive a blast that transforms a house into rubble?
  2. She was feeling “woozy” for quite a long time after the blast and was apparently “seeing things” that were not there.

This was my biggest clue – when she admitted to seeing things. Because right afterwards she disappears. So maybe she simply died in the blast and what everyone was seeing as Claire was an apparition or something just like everyone saw John Locke after he died. Make sense ?

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