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Lost: Sundown

Spoiler Alert !

The coolest episode of season 6 so far ! It had the darkest and most ominous scenes we’ve ever seen in Lost. From Claire’s expression when Kate told her that she took Aaron to Sayid’s chilling slitting of Lennon’s throat. All was awesome ! And of course Smokey ran amok through the Temple, killing everything in its way. And now poor Kate is stuck with the “evil incarnate” MIB / Flocke. The last scene left me wide-eyed for several moments. As Claire, Sayid and Kate walked out of the temple, with a creepy Catch a Falling Star playing in the background, Flocke was waiting with his new army. He did look a bit surprised to see Kate, but then walked off into the jungle leading his new cavalry. I was scared. Scared for the rest of the survivors (Jack, Hurley and the Ilana team), scared for Jin, Sawyer and Kate and scared of Flocke myself. Damn Terry O’Quinn looks scary !

As for the questions I’m pondering most – Is Flocke really evil or is he just trapped ? Is Jacob the evil manipulative person / thing ? Who is coming to the island ? And who sinks the island in the other timeline, because I’m sure its not an alternative timeline, but maybe a new timeline created somehow by the people on the island by sinking the island. See, no island = no Jacob = no manipulation to get people to the island and also no island = no Hatch = no Desmond = no plane crash. See ?

Now lets see what Benjamin Linus is up to this evening. His portrayal of a school teacher in the other timeline cracked me up. This is gonna be an awesome episode ! Here’s to Dr. Linus !

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