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Lost: The Last Recruit

Spoilers Here !

I don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. How was this not a good or awesome episode ? What are people expecting  – they would be given all awesome answers to the big questions they’ve had since day 1 on a big island-sized platter ? How would that make for exciting TV ? One of the things I love about Lost is not knowing what the hell is going on, having to work my brain inside out trying to make a theory out of something, anything. And so, yes I loved this episode of Lost, like I always do.

The best part was of course the intense chat between Jack and Smokey. Wow ! One theory confirmed ! While I was re-watching Lost from the beginning (for the third time), I theorized that the apparition of Christian Shephard could be Smokey – trying to kill Jack OR trying to lead him to water. But why would Smokey want to lead Jack to water ? Because he wanted the castaways to survive. No, he needed the castaways to survive. Why ? Because when the plane crashed, he knew he had just found his loophole. And thus began his elaborate plan to get Locke off the island and get him killed somehow. And when he returned, he oh-so-easily assumed his form. So everything that happened to the castaways on the island was part of the elaborate plan of Smokey to get off the island (or whatever it is that he wants to do, if not leave the island). Cool, huh ?

So here’s the thing – if the Candidates are supposed to take Jacob’s place and if Jacob is the “good” one (of course if Smokey is evil), and if the Numbers represent the candidates, then the numbers should be good too, right ? Wrong ! Apparently, the numbers are cursed. Here’s how the story goes –  A guy on a listening post in the Pacific hears a voice through the static repeating the numbers over and over again. This guy was Sam something. This appears in Season 1 “Numbers”. He uses the numbers to play a game and wins money. Only, ever since then, things start going bad for people around him. As for he, himself ? Nothing bad happens to him. He gets lucky. But then he kills himself. Then, Hurley uses the numbers to play the lottery and wins, causing bad things to start happening around him. Rousseau’s ship comes to the island in search of the source of the numbers. And nothing good happened to her or her crew ever since. So the numbers aren’t good. Which means the candidates don’t represent something good. Does that make Jacob bad or evil ? Hmmm. Don’t know. But cool idea, right ?

Also, why would Jacob send a transmission of the numbers ? Rousseau said that the numbers were being transmitted from the Radio Tower and that later on she changed the transmission from the numbers to her distress call. Unless, it wasn’t Jacob who sent the transmission, it was Smokey. Oh interesting ! Provided the cave in the cliff featured in “The Substitute” really did belong to Jacob, Smokey could have read the numbers from the cave. He then knew that those were Jacob’s candidates and that if he could kill Jacob and kill the candidates as well, then he would be free. So in order to call the candidates to the island, he sent a transmission as a signal. And if Smokey is evil, then his evilness could be transmitted to whatever he does, including his transmission of the numbers ! Wow ! I spend way too much time theorizing about Lost. Not to worry though – its gonna be over real soon. Serious withdrawal is coming soon !

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