24 Season 8: Its Here !

Season 8 of 24 premiered yesterday. Usually I don’t like 2 hour premieres. I think they are too long (except if its a 2 hour Lost premiere…the show is too damn riveting to get bored and of course you know that if you stray for even a moment, you’ll watch the rest of the show with a blank face. But this is about 24.) Anyway, so the show started out real nice and suspenseful. And I liked the setting in New York – I was starting to get sick of everything happening in LA (except season 7). The new CTU is very stylish and looks upgraded. The storyline so far is good. I just wish that the people at CTU would look more into it. They look indifferent, dispassionate and wooden, as if they know how to do their jobs but don’t really care for it. Other than this, the premiere was great. Lets see where the story goes from here.

Oh and also, I’ve heard that this might be the last season of the show. So I had a debate yesterday about whether they would kill Jack in the end or give him a happy-ever-after life. Whats your take on this ?

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