The Lost Files: Questions

Questions and Theories

5 seasons of Lost have gone by and the show is still as mind-twirling as it was in season 1. One of the hallmarks of this show has been the cropping up of new and more mysterious questions, while leaving most of the old questions unanswered. So, being less than a month from the beginning of the final season, I wanted to compile a list of questions that I want answered in the upcoming season.  We all have our own theories about the show and I’ve read numerous such theories – some that surprisingly make total sense and others that are plain laugh-out-loud funny. So, I want this to be a platform where Lost geeks could participate and discuss the answers that we all desperately need. Feel free to add your own questions to the list as well.

Here are some questions off the top –

1. WHAT is the island?

Possible answer: It is a “special” place where the usual laws of science don’t hold true. It has pockets of electromagnetic energy which can be harnessed to time travel. People with illnesses get cured. It keeps changing its position with time. I don’t know how the writers will explain the whole island-keeps-moving thing. We know that the island is Jacob’s abode, and if Jacob is comparable to a God (more on this later), does that mean that the island is heaven ?

2. Who is Jacob?

Possible answer: God ? Some kind of superhero with extraordinary abilities ? Whatever he is, we know that he is not a normal mortal human.

3. What is the smoke monster and who is the other guy shown with Jacob (I would call him anti-Jacob)?

Possible answer: I would guess that as the name explains, anti-Jacob IS anti-Jacob. Maybe these 2 people found the island and started living on it. But they had conflicting views and plans for the island. As shown in the season 5 finale, Jacob wanted to bring more people to the island while anti-Jacob did not. As a result of this dissension between the two, there can only be one who lives on the island. Thus anti-Jacob wants to kill Jacob. The smoke monster seems to be “working” for anti-Jacob. To prove this –

In season 5, the smoke monster “orders” Ben through an apparition of his daughter, Alex, to follow Locke. And we know that Locke in reality turned out to be pseudo-Locke aka anti-Jacob (since the real dead body of Locke was discovered by the shadow-of-the-statue gang). And at the end of the finale pseudo-Locke kills Jacob by ordering Ben to do it.

4. Who is John Locke?

Possible answer: It has been shown multiple times that Locke is “special” and has a special communication with the island, unlike the Others. In season 3 Ben has a spinal tumor and after his surgery he takes a long time to recover, unlike the rest of the people on the island. But upon Locke’s arrival to the Others’ camp he recovers within a week. Even Ben comments upon this telling Locke that he is “special” and that his arrival made him recover. Does that mean that Locke can suddenly heal people ? Or that some of the island’s powers have transferred to him ? And why does anti-Jacob need HIM to kill Jacob ? Why is he able to see someone in Jacob’s cabin the first time he visits the cabin with Ben, while Ben doesn’t see anyone. Too many questions about Locke. I’m sure the producers/writers won’t answer the majority of these. Too bad…

5. Why did only the Oceanic 6 travel back in time to the 1970s Dharma time? And why didn’t Sun go back in time?

Currently, I’m in the process of re-watching the whole series to try to understand it better and notice more details that I missed the first time around.

These are some more questions that I have. But how many will be answered ? They WILL leave most unanswered.

6. What happened to Claire?

7. Who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys” (Widmore vs Ben)?

8. How is pseudo-Locke alive? Who is he? And what is Christian Shepherd? What was Claire doing with him?

9. Who did Locke see in the cabin – Jacob or anti-Jacob?

10. Was the 815 crash its destiny or just random chance? — I personally think it was destiny. This particular group of people HAD to come to the island to fulfill their destiny (whatever that might be).

One big overall theme I noticed while re-watching the whole series was that the island reverses everyone of them. By that I mean that whatever these people did in the real world, after coming to the island the exact opposite happened to them. And each one of them got to face their inner monsters and fears. That wouldn’t have happened if their crash was mere chance.

11. What is the donkey-wheel thing that “moves” the island? Who put it there and why?

12. Who are the original hostiles? How did they come to the island? Why do they whisper?

13. Who built the statue? How old is it? How did it get destroyed?

14. Why is time on the island different than from the rest of the world?

15. What’s the deal with the numbers?

What questions do YOU want answered for sure ?

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