Will Lost do a Sopranos ?

The countdown to Feb 2 is underway. Very excited about the final season. What should we expect to see in the premiere, the finale and the season in whole ?

The thing I wonder about the most is this – Will Lost do a Sopranos ?

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about – The Sopranos was a TV series that left its viewers in eternal conflict about what happened to its central character, Tony Soprano. Did he die ? If so, who killed him ? Or did he live happily ever after with his family ? We’ll never know because the show ended with an abrupt soundless black screen with the credits rolling in silence 15 seconds later.

The thing I’m afraid of is Lost doing something similar in its final moments…maybe they’ll show someone’s eye opening on the screen and Bamm! Its Over !

Do you think they’ll do something like that ? End the great series with an eye opening on the island (the way they began the show), leaving a mystery about whether the characters ended up back on the island or the characters looping back to season 1 episode 1.

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