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Lost Season 6: LA X (Premiere)

February 4, 2010 1 comment

WARNING: Mega Spoilers Alert ! Do NOT read if you haven’t seen the season premiere of Lost…unless you don’t mind missing on the edge of your seat viewing experience.


The season premiere of LOST finally aired yesterday amid much hype and anticipation. And boy was it awesome! The first couple of minutes blew my mind away. Of course we didn’t really get a lot of answers (not that I expected that anyway), instead we got another big pile of questions and mysteries. There was so much to discuss in the 2 hr episode, that it would take me days to analyze all of it. So I’m just going to go over the most important (according to me) bits –

Bit # 1  :   The Opener

The episode opened with the view of a plane cruising through the clouds and Jack speaking the same words he did on the original 815 (Lets call it 815.1). The first odd thing I noted was that Rose says to Jack “It’s normal”. If you remember, it was Jack who said those same words to Rose on 815.1. At that moment I thought that they reset the time thanks to the bomb. But more important that the characters’ lives seemed inverted. Bernard returns from the toilet, Jack is nervous, Rose is not, Hurley is not “cursed” and considers himself the luckiest man alive. That hinted towards a new timeline being formed in which things happen the other way around. Hmmm…interesting. And then the view panned out to the clouds and we were taken deep beneath the ocean where I spotted some Dharma cottages (my heartbeat quickened), some more familiar island things, and then…a giant foot ! I gasped ! The island is submerged, destroyed, gone…WHOA !

I seriously think that that might just be the coolest and most awesome scene in Lost yet.

Bit # 2  :  Island Reality Post-Jughead

Ok, I found it really funny to watch Kate hanging from a tree post-blast (or whatever happened). I’ve found a lot of people talking about how anything could survive a hydrogen-bomb explosion. Here’s what I think – There was no explosion. The bomb did detonate (Thank you, Juliet), but did not explode. Now, I’m no nuclear scientist or physicist, but in a pure theoretical form I think that the bomb simply negated the electromagnetic energy emanating from the Swan site. It might not make any sense at all – since we do see the island submerged, which could have been due to the Jughead exploding. But it makes sense to me (for now) that the bomb detonating + pocket of electromagnetic energy = No explosion and No electromagnetic energy. Instead the pocket of energy would get nullified. But that doesn’t make much sense since the DI built the hatch anyway, which was found by the survivors post-Jughead (in the same imploded situation as they left it). I don’t know what really happened there.

What I found intriguing were the few Juliet’s lines – “Let’s go for coffee sometime” – it didn’t seem that she had gone crazy (remember Charlotte ?). But it did look like she was onto something – like she knew that time had been reset somehow and they were off the island somewhere (like is shown in the no-crash scenario). It’s like she knew that an alternate reality was taking place and maybe she was alive in that reality. Which would explain why she wanted to tell Sawyer something really really important – that “It worked”. I’m fairly certain that she was referring to the alternate reality when she said that.

Bit # 3  :  Pseudo-Locke is the Smoke Monster

Frankly, that one didn’t surprise me at all. I was expecting that anyway, as did a lot of you. And there were clues to that effect in the season 5 episode
“Dead Is Dead”. But it was still pretty cool to see Smokey after a long time and apparently it doesn’t like ashes. The coolest part of that scene was Locke saying “Sorry you had to see me like that” ! Haha. That was fun !

Bit # 4  :  The Temple

So Jacob is really dead ! Did not see that one coming. I expected him to get resurrected somehow. One of the most popular theories currently is that Sayid would be resurrected as Jacob. It is possible but my gut says No. My gut has been wrong before in Lost.

I loved watching the interior of the Temple and finding that some other Others live there. Maybe these Others (Others.2) are a super-special-skilled class who have been selected to protect the Temple. And the pool was cool too. I think that the reference to the pool water being murky somehow reflects upon Jacob being dead. What came out of Hurley’s guitar case was cool too. And of course, then they found out that Jacob was dead and began preparing to protect the temple, covering the perimeter with ashes. I would really like to know what is so special about the Temple that Smokey/MIB/Pseudo-Locke wants to be there.

Bit # 5  :  The No-Crash Scenario

This was really fun to watch. My eyes were glued to the screen all the time. I think that this is an alternate reality that might end up being true/real as well as the island reality. The survivors might do something to reset everything and destroy the island in the process. Hence we see the island submerged and things happening differently for the characters. Some of the most notable things-

  1. Desmond is on the plane somehow and later vanished.
  2. Shannon is not on the plane and has decided to stay in Australia instead.
  3. Kate is still a fugitive. And ends up being in Claire’s company.
  4. Charlie almost dies and says that he’s supposed to die.
  5. Boone interacts with Locke and says that in case the plane crashes he’s sticking with Locke.
  6. Christian’s coffin is missing along with his body.

It seems like the same group of people are congregating together as they did on the island. Boone with Locke, Kate with Claire, Charlie almost dying. It’s like fate is making things happen the way they are supposed to. Destiny trying to course-correct (Hawking’s words). Charlie HAS to die, Kate HAS to be with Claire and raise Aaron ?, Boone HAS to be with Locke somehow, Christian’s body HAS to be lost somewhere…

I might be totally wrong but this made for some really fun and interesting watching.

Bit # 6  :  Smokey wants to go home

Apparently, Richard has met Smokey before when he was in chains ! Awesome ! Smokey wants to go home…I’m guessing the Temple. And he’s very disappointed with the Others ! What does he want them to do ?

All in all, one of the best episodes ever ! Looking forward to next week. Not looking forward to the withdrawal I’m going to go through after May.

Did I miss any important bit from last night’s premiere ?

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